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We regret that prizes in this contest can only be awarded to United States residents.

Our major sponsor for this contest is Canon USA, the U.S. operating division of Canon Inc. Since its operating budget comes from sales within the U.S., Canon USA logically enough wants to focus its promotional activities on U.S. photographers.

In the recent past, The Imaging Resource has awarded cash prizes for international winners from our own budget, but restrictions placed by the U.S. government on foreign wire transfers have made this unworkable. Because we have no adequate way to restrict photo submissions to U.S. residents, daily and monthly winning photos will be selected simply on their merits. Under no circumstances, though, will we be able to ship prizes to locations outside the United States.

If a monthly winner does not have a U.S. address for us to ship the prize to,
no prize will be awarded.


Submissions. You may upload a JPEG image of any file size under eight megabytes, although winners are displayed at a size of only 800 pixels in the largest dimension. The image may be edited, enhanced and modified as you see fit however all but undersized images are sharpened by our software for our output sizes. Sharpening your image may result in it being over-sharpened on the site. Panoramic images (over 16:9), either wide or tall, unfortunately don't fit the contest format very well, so we strongly discourage you from submitting them.

Image content. While there is no restriction on content, we do not display images we feel are not in good taste. Among other things, this is very much a "G-rated" contest, since the photos appear prominently on our site.

Format suggestions and other tips. The places on our site where the daily winning images are displayed are best suited to images ranging from moderate horizontal to vertical. We thus almost never pick a panoramic image (with an aspect ratio of more than about 16:9) as a daily winner. You're welcome to submit wide- or tall-format images, but the likelihood of one being a winner is very small.

Before you submit your photo, check to see if the horizon is level and ask yourself whether the photo is cropped to best advantage. Many otherwise excellent images have missed being winners simply because they were shot off-axis or distracting material wasn't cropped out. Taking a moment to check for orientation and cropping before submitting your photo could improve your chances of winning significantly! :-)

Entry limit. To ease our groaning in-box, please limit your photo submissions to two per month. (You can only win Photo of the Day once per month anyway.)

Copyright. By submitting your work, you assert that you own the copyright of the image and give The Imaging Resource the right to indefinitely display it in association with this contest should it be judged a winner. You are responsible to have any human subject's permission to submit the photo; The Imaging Resource cannot be held liable in the event that an individual did not give their approval for their likeness to appear on the site.

Taxes. Monthly prize winners are responsible for all applicable federal, state or local taxes that may result from the receipt of their prize.

Prizes. The Imaging Resource reserves the right to substitute prizes or cash awards of equal or greater value if any of the listed prizes become unavailable due to events beyond our control. At the discretion of companies providing prizes, the prizes may either be shipped directly by The Imaging Resource, or by the prize suppliers themselves. Prizes will be delivered to the winning contestants within 60 days of the close of each monthly contest, although it's possible there could be a greater delay if the prize is a product that hasn't yet become available in the general market. We also cannot be responsible for shipping delays.

All decisions final. All decisions of contest judges are final.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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NB: After clicking 'Enter' there will be a slight delay whose length depends on the size of the image file you are uploading. Please be patient. Once your entry is received, it is automatically scanned to make sure it will be considered. Any problems will be immediately reported so you can fix them.


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